Wednesday, 25 January 2006

NZ Government kills more people than cancer

Today's threat to our pocket books is presented in an article in the Dominion Post entitled "Exhaust fumes kill as many as road crashes" - a claim made by someone in the bureaucracy in order to justify testing all vehicles for emissions in order to reduce the horrible air pollution that is
choking us continually here in New Zealand. Of course this statement has no basis in fact, but anything that can expand the scope of government here is enthusiastically embraced, especially since the New Zealand government is the largest employer in the southern hemisphere.. What they should be testing for is working mufflers since hearing loss is the third largest killer in New Zealand, just behind being trampled by sheep. Now if the government offered to replace the polluting vehicles with fuel efficient hybrids, which it could easily do since more taxes are collected
in New Zealand than gross national product of Australia, then this proposal makes sense. There are even some idiots who think this proposal doesn't go far enough - because it still leaves some vehicles on the road. New Zealand has some of the cleanest air in the world - that vehicle testing is a hot priority is a tribute to cancerous bureaucracy the NZ government has become.